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This tutorial explains how to capture an image from a reference PC and upload it to an MDT server, then create a task sequence and re-deploy it to more than one PC in your organisation. An example of this would be a new suite of computers requiring one master image - MDT can be used for this. The video shows my method for create, capture and deployment for any image in our organisation, please understand the hidden humour There are not all of the applications in this image, we use around 20 different packages and for the efficiency of this tutorial, decided not to include them all. We are imaging Dell AIO units (3030) in this video with Intel i5 processors, 4GB memory and 500GB hard drives. This video assumes you have already correctly set up your server with DNS, DHCP, and WDS roles installed and configured (be it virtual of physical). Correctly. I have already covered MDT(Microsoft deployment toolkit) integration with WDS in a separate video here Server tour video here Server room air conditioning failure ALERT DANGER Please like and subscribe to me. Facebook Page Here