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In this Tony Robbins video, we'll take a look back at some of the best footage of him out there, soaking up his advice to improve our lives and increase our success. Anthony 'Tony' Robbins is an American motivational speaker, self-help author, philanthropist, and advisor to stars like Oprah, who became well known from his infomercials and self-help books. He's done interviews with big names like Wayne Dyer, Marie Forleo, and Frank Kern, and as of 2013 Forbes estimated his net worth at 480 million dollars. He raises people's standards in health, business, and relationships and is a big proponent of rituals that change our state. Click to watch and let's explore How To Be Truly Fulfilled, How To Add Value, and more. Here's my take on Tony's Top 10 Rules for Success. Join my BELIEVE newsletter 1. Raise Your Standards He began his career promoting seminars for Jim Rohn. 2. Be Truly Fulfilled He taught neurolinguistic programming and Ericksonian hypnosis after training with NLP co-founder John Grinder. 3. Progress Equals Happiness His use of board breaking, skydiving, and later firewalking in his seminars is intended to help participants learn to push through their fears. 4. Love Your Customers He promoted his services as a "peak performance coach" through his books and TV infomercials. 5. Add Value In 1997, Robbins began the Leadership Academy seminar. 6. Have An Exit Strategy He has written three best-selling books Unlimited Power, Awaken the Giant Within, and Money Master the Game. 7. Be Resourceful He founded the Anthony Robbins Foundation, a charity dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations. 8. Pay Attention To The Little Things In April 2012, Robbins began cohosting Oprah's Lifeclass on the OWN Network. 9. Look For Leverage In 2007, he was named in Forbes magazine's "Celebrity 100" list. 10. Change Your Mindset In 2007, Forbes estimated that Robbins earned approximately 30 million. Source Subash Limbu Tony Robbins WHAT IS BTA? Find out here ENGAGE Subscribe to my channel Leave a comment, thumbs up the video (please) Help me caption this video so others can enjoy it too Suppport me CONNECT Twitter Facebook Google Website EVAN About /about/ Guides /zhuge/ Coaching /movement/ Speaking /speaking/ Gear WEEKDAY SCHEDULE Entspresso - Weekdays at 7am EST Lunch & Earn - Weekdays at 12pm EST Top 10 Rules for Success - Weekdays at 8pm EST WEEKEND SCHEDULE Entvironment - Saturdays at 7am EST EvansBook - Saturdays at 8pm EST BelieveLife - Sundays at 7am EST Life with Evan - Sundays at 8pm EST
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