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Based on interviews with users and analysts, Neos is now offering a user interface that concentrates on the creation of efficiently communicating content. The overall goal for Neos is to become a system that helps any organisation at optimizing the web experience they are offering. Carefully pre-configured defaults provide editors with helpful guidelines and intelligent templates. Content is edited side-by-side with statistics that help to measure and improve performance. Neos integrates planning and collaboration tools for the team members to bring everyone on the same page in concerted digital marketing efforts. Empowered by an "Open Suite" approach to integration, Neos aims to become the central hub for the digital marketing team, embedding all relevant data from all sorts of sources. We believe too much of digital marketeers' time and effort is lost today because of scattered information across too many platforms, fuzzy goals and lack of transparent performance measurement. The Neos Team defines the CMS of the future as the pivotal resource that combines all necessary information and provides a streamlined environment for editors and developers to act on that feedback.